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To Heal To Humanize

The Schools: Management and Support

Entrance to Vanaprastha on Saturday

on Saturday the Schools students they don’t wear uniforms

The running costs of the Schools, or rather VANAPRASTHA CAMPUS, managed by Vanaprastha Educational Trust, are substantial considering the ordinary maintenance and updating expenses, both for the structure and for the classrooms and laboratories, the extraordinary expenses of adjustments and also due to events not expected, the costs for teaching materials, the salary expenses of the 120 people between teachers and non-teachers who work in Vanaprastha Educational Trust and the 25 buses necessary for the transport of children to and from their villages (around 1800 children).

To stimulate conscious participation and enhance the type of teaching, wealthy parents participate with a regular enrollment fee. To avoid this type of education being selective, that is, only for those who can afford it, all pupils are admitted.


To friends, supporters, private and public institutions and all those who believe in this project, we ask to support us for to give opportunity all these students to study, and Vanaprastha to continuing to support all always increasings costs

It is possible to commit to ‘Support a Student’, that is to contribute to the average annual expenditure of 160 € or make a voluntary donation of any amount to support the Students and Schools or Vanaprastha in general


There is also the possibility to support deserving students after graduation, creating partnership programs with Vanaprastha and promoting scholarships also for abroad