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India is a spiritual country and each family follows its own spiritual life, proposed by the religion to which it belongs. For Indians, spiritual life is essential and is expressed in all paths and at all times of life.

Both in the Children’s Home and in the School, we live together with children of different religions. Therefore we teach the scriptures of all religions, without preferring a particular religion. Without hurting any religious affiliation, we offer people around us simple universal prayers and a spiritual tradition, which we call Shantimarga. We believe that prayer, yoga practice and meditation are important tools for overcoming life’s obstacles. Knowledge of different scriptures and universal spiritual practice can also help children develop their spiritual profile.

Shantimarga consists in following a peaceful life in which we are invited to love everyone and work so that everyone lives in peace. Shantimarga does not belong to any religion. People of all creeds are invited to live peaceful lives. Man is spiritual by nature, because he was born as a spiritual being. Therefore each individual has spiritual potential and can develop a spiritual profile to live a simple but well-rooted life. Many have forgotten that they are spiritual beings and do not know how to develop their personal center.

In Vanaprastha we walk with each person to help them live their spirituality. When someone is able to find himself, when someone accepts himself, then there is harmony. Everyone was born of love, everyone was born to love, only to love. Everything passes, only love remains. Love is Nature. And we represent Nature.