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With this wish of Peace, we welcome you to the Vanaprastha website.

Vanaprastha is a non-governmental organization that looks after the poor in rural India, through the care and education of children and health care. We are a big family. Currently it is composed of 47 children who live in the Children’s House, 1800 of children and adolescents who attend schools, of which 220 live in the annexed Hostel and many people of various ethnicities, languages and religions who from different countries collaborate as volunteers and supporters.

Also written SHANTHI OM, literally the term Shanti in Hinduism, indicates a state of inner peace; the meaning of the word is precisely “peace”, “tranquility”, “quiet” in Sanskrit.
Aum od Om (ॐ), is a Sanskrit term which, with the meaning of solemn affirmation, is placed at the beginning of a good part of Indian religious literature. The symbol represents the Creation of the Universe and the sound of the Om is associated with the Primordial Vibration of the Universe itself and of all Creation. Shanti Om is our greeting. We greet each other everywhere and every time saying “Shanti Om”. Shanti means Peace and Love and is represented in our symbol by a dove. Om is the universal sound (according to Sabda theory), the Word made flesh (Logos). In Vanaprastha the expression “Om Shanti Om” is used as a universal prayer. We teach our children to repeat this prayer as they inhale and exhale.

Here, on this site, you will find information about our work, our mission. If you want to get involved, we will be happy to give you indications on how to support us, to participate directly as a volunteer, how to keep in touch.