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Vanaprastha Children’s Home – Children’s House is located in the countryside 45 km away from Bangalore (southeast), in the state of Karnataka, no more than a kilometer from the border with Tamil Nadu – see on the map Vanaprastha Children’s hme CLICK HERE

Near Vanaprastha Children’s Home (550 meters away) there is the Hospital – Vanaprastha Hospital- state of Karnataka one kilometer from the border with the state of Tamil Nadu- Click HERE

Vanaprastha Campus, (Vanaprastha International School) Schools and hostels, are located in the countryside 32 km away from Bangalore (southeast), in the state of Tamil Nadu – see on the map Vanaprastha International School

Both locations are located in a border area between Karnataka, Tamil Nadu. The inhabitants mainly speak Kannada, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. English is not yet widely used in rural areas, but it is not uncommon to find people to understand each other, especially among merchants or some university students. In Vanaprastha, in addition to local languages, English is also taught and used normally to communicate.

This area is very poor. Most of the villages are still organized under the old caste system and many of our people belong to the poorest classes.

The territory is arid. The soil is clayey and of a deep red color. Our people, who live on agriculture, grow vegetables and fruits and raise animals. The rains are seasonal. During the dry season the soil is very hard and farmers have a lot of difficulty growing it. In the dry season, the water comes from wells drilled at a depth of 250 meters. They are very expensive and few can afford it.